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captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> andrea: hello, 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm andrea tantaros alongside monica crowley, eric bolling, bob becket, greg gutfeld. we have a packed show. theyethey are categorizing terrorist against america. plus, another legal blow for john edwards. the fallen politician owes millions to the federal government. and, environmental hysteria over david and victoria beckham's newborn daughter. you won't believe why. all that and much more. "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: let's get to the top story. west versus schultz. start with the e-mail that started it all. congressman west sent an e-mail to wasserman schults based op comment she is made on the house floor about cutting benefit for medicare
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recipients in the district. take a listen to the e-mail. he said to her you are the most vile unprofessional and despicable member of the u.s. house of representatives. if you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face. otherwise, shut the heck up. this sparked a war of words unlike we've ever seen before. monica, "jeopardier" discrimination or does allen west have a point? >> c'mon, debbie wasserman schultz, she of the angry perm. she has nerve. for years the left sneer over the right. the tea party called racist, sexist, home mow phobe. without any evidence to support that. old school lefty harken called anyone who opposes raising the debt ceiling an spending and borrowing more money as the cult fringe. a couple of weeks ago the democrats put out a formal official ad showing the
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republicans rolling grandma off a cliff in wheelchair. republicans sat back and taken it. congressman west said no more and finally the republicans are standing up for themselves. good for them. >> he said he is not going to apologize. listen to congressman west talking to martha mccallum today. >> i can be direct in my language, but so be it. the people know about the attacks and enough is enough. >> anything you want to clarify or any part of your statement you want to take back here today? >> not a chance. >> bob: not a chance. can i say to monca, it's nice to have you here on "the five." >> thank you. >> bob: this is the same stuff about -- i was in politicians for 30 years. my candidates were assaulted, some of the most vicious,
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nasty, rot ten stuff. did you try to run against jesse helms? it's not just the left or right. but saying to alan west i watched congress for a lot of years and it may have been the most vile, unprofessional and despicable. >> c'mon. >> bob: you don't say this stuff. >> he should have pulled her aside -- >> bob: you interrupted me. >> andrea: he should have said when the cameras weren't around and say you're vile human being. not bring it in e-mail. >> bob: did i bring something here i can't finish a sentence? >> andrea: go ahead. >> bob: the most vile, disspickable, disgraceful, disgusting, disoperated fool i have run across in congress. to make the statement, if he made it on the floor of the house he would have been censureed because you can't say that stuff. he ought to be ashamed of himself. he doesn't show shame. >> that's an adequate description of bill maher. >> eric: schultz picked a fight with decorated army
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colonel and didn't expect him to fight back? twice in the campaign she took a shot on him. on the house floor after he walked out, she takes a shot. not even there. she could have said stick around, i have something to say. he walks out nd she took a shot. he had every right to say what he did. he would have said it if it wasbe debbie wasserman schultz or barry wasserman schultz. >> do you think it's the d.n.c. strategy to go after decorated military veteran? what is the mission between the democrat full throttle attack? >> greg: the story here isn't the e-mail. this is the new kind of politician that isn't a politician in 2010, you have a tea party and people represent. these are not the normal run of the mill politicians. they don't play the dirty politics. he gets angry and shoots from the hip. look at him and go that is the
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kind of guy i want as a neighbor. you know his lawn is perfect, the trash is in the right place. just like his hair. perfect. unlike schultz. >> bob: you want everybody at attica. you just jumped in. it'd like to chairfy this. when you said the thing about what is his name, we talked about it yesterday. i made it clear yesterday i thought what he said was disgusting. bill maher. he ought to go to insane asylum. >> you were more outrageed. >> greg: no, he was more outrageed about maher than i was if i remember. >> this is debbie wasserman schultz and all the democrat women in congress expressing outrage. schultz eats nails for breakfast. >> andrea: take him to the woodshed. really? >> c'mon, what we are seeing here is republicans standing up and putting up a fight for once and not being tarred and
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not being lied about and not smeared without a real fight. >> bob: maybe they could do it -- can we talk about the debt. >> greg: the debt. >> andrea: bob you said that the cake is already baked, they have a deal. so why are they torturing us with the political theater? why are they torturing greg gutfeld? >> bob: did you fall out on the wrong side of bell this morning? come down. >> andrea: why? >> bob: you're yelling at me. >> andrea: poor bob. >> you don't chew nails for breakfast. >> eric: what is going on? >> bob: part of the reason that the democrats are coming down in the medium is they are running in resistance among democrats on real cuts in the social security and medicare, which include by the way, changes in inflation on social security and maybe the age. other thing on the house side, cantor has broken ranks with
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the tea party people. they're trying to count heads. they have two problems. the far left of the democratic party not willing to go along with the entitlement cut. the far right tea party people are not going with the tax piece in the end they will have a vote and it will be clear by three or four votes in both chambers. >> eric: allow me to say this is the -- we are played for the fools. biggest scam on the american people ever. moody's met today with the g.o.p. freshmen, the tea party. they said don't raise taxes. so all of a sudden moody's meets with them? we know they're against raising taxes. guess what, it provided cover for them to cave. anyone that was going to cave, wanted to cave. >> we should be worried as well. we don't know the detail. i know that you said this is good for president obama. but say another ceo --
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yesterday we had steve wynn, coming up and criticizing the president. let's take a listen. what home depot founder had to say over president obama. another ceo not happy. he said bernie marcus that the speeches are wonderful. his output is incredibly bad, even brain dead economists understand when you raise the taxes you cost jobs. he doesn't understand the problem businesses face. you don't hear it from you and i. this is from the job creators. >> steve wynn one of the cofounders of home depot, and the ceo of coca-cola and the chairwoman of pepsi also made very similar comments. plus, today, we saw the new first-time jobless claims last week going up to 418,000. and anemic economic growth between 1.4 and 1.6%. why? >> all the ceos are expressing here.
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is what every small medium and big-size business owner thinks and believes now. big government, big spending, big tax. big entitlement government produced enormous cost and uncertainty. >> go ahead, bob. >> bob: can i have something to say between the anarchists going along with this. >> it's government, bob. >> bob: the person from pepsi and coca-cola both signed the letter from the chamber they wanted to see the debt ceiling thing go through. and the second thing is when you sit back and say this is the biggest scam on the american people. >> ever. >> bob: the biggest scam is allow you guys and tea party people taking the country over the edge which is what you're doing. it's not patriotic. as i said all week, anarchists. >> by the way -- >> we're almost over. they have a vote on "cut, cap and balance" tomorrow. so you know, so we're almost out of the woods. >> okay. >> greg: awesome. >> andrea: all right. we have more to get through. stay with us. don't forget, we want to hear
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from you so e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: "the five." quickly news broke that john edwards, 2008 presidential and date owes the government $2.3 million. any surprises here? >> greg: not at all. that is 100 haircuts for him. thegic. edwards is here for the reason, it has a purpose in the universe and that is to make other men feel better about themselves. anthony weiner should be wearing a t-shirt saying at least i'm not edwards. bob becket should wear a t-shirt saying at least i'm not john edwards. >> bob: at least i'm not. that is pretty far. >> eric: that's close. >> bob: i'm not bob becket. i think this guy, you talk about falling from the heights of the political career in a short period of time. i don't even want to talk about it. he has to pay a lot of money. >> eric: he was sending back checks that were matched by the government. he sent back checks of the donations he never gave the government back. >> we should point out that this is separate from the
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actual criminal case going forward. this is something totally different. they will find fout he is a criminal pick. >> eric: we at "the five" this morning were looking at stuff and this came and hit us smack dab in the face. department of homeland security, apparently has a video out there teaching people how to spot terrorists. potential terror in our neighborhood. see something, say something. turn out and see where the terrorists are. white male average american end up being the terrorists to the people calling the terror in. this happened to be all of them. happened to be black, asian or arab. of the 126 people indicted under terror charges in 2009 and 2010, 126 of them, all 126 have been arab. >> bob: did you want them to put arafat hats on? >> eric: i thought it would be accurate. >> bob: whoever put it
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together and didn't any they would get people like eric, i mean what are you thinking? you put it together and ask are you going to get beat up? of course you are. >> greg: this is stealing jobs for actors suited demographically for the role. it's biged. they must have had a casting call that said no arabic people apply. only white guys in the 30s. wear a hoodie and carry a back pack. >> bob: herman cain was in charge. >> monica: a guy gets in his car and says i seen something out of the american. >> andrea: what two guys getting in american car? c'mon. this is not the face of american terror. why can't we have, why can't we have a picture of muhammad attah or going in a flight school. >> eric: why can we not make one of the people an arab or muslim, because frankly
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they -- >> everybody gets this. this is not one, this is a no-brainer. >> doesn't it show the fear? this is a government fear of islamophobia. they're afraid. if you read the website they talk about how they are going after behavior, not after the identity. that is baloney. baloney. >> bob: if that was you and me, it would qualify for terrorists. >> greg: have you ever noted a burglar in the burglar alarm commercials, they always look like me. >> bob: they do. black outfits on. >> greg: the bad guy always looks like me. i am a burglar. >> monica: can we report d.h.s. for terrorizing all of us? according to their criteria here, all of us fit the profile of a domestic terrorist. >> eric: bingo! >> monica: in 2009 -- >> eric: so they're profiling us. >> bob: there is something to that. i'm not sure that is off.
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>> monica: after 9/11, every active international terrorism has been committed. >> andrea: the accurate narrative, american terror would be somebody who is a jihaddist. saying something like now this would be a little suspicious. i only want to learn how to take off, not land. >> greg: this video has been out for a year and show what is a failure it is we just found it. >> bob: our friend, colleague juan williams got ousted from national public radio because he said he was uncomfortable on a plane with people that were muslim. i not only felt bad i got off the freaking plane. i got scared. i got back on but i got scared. >> monica: i can't believe that bob becket and i are agreeing. i am so hot for you right now. this is a pattern for administration in 2009, spring of 2009, they issued a written report where they said the people most
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likely to commit act of the mestic terror if you owned a gun, went to church or served in iraq-afghanistan. >> bob: that i can agree with. >> eric: let's do this there is a cartoon circulating right now, apparently al-qaeda has decided to produce a cartoon that teaches young kids how to become terrorists. sent a few frames out. isn't this what we are concerned about? al-qaeda telling muslim children that western propaganda is bad and you should grow up to be a terrorist. >> andrea: this is nothing new. a year ago we had one of these surface. it's scary they are indoctrinating the kids to hate the united states so much. especially more reason to be individual leapt at home. they are going after the kids. they're like three years old, four years old, five years old. c'mon! >> eric: that is funny? >> bob: it is, because what do you expect them to say in cartoon to their cades?
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why don't you go to mcdonald's? they're trying to get them to join the terrorist movement. the kkk in this country used to have cartoons and did the same thing and hitler did. what is new about this? >> andrea: what should they say to their kids? maybe a healthy message about abcs. what happened to abcs? i'm sure it's not the same in the arab language but you get what i'm saying. >> eric: to your point, no. the al-qaeda should do that. but when they put a movie out all the feedback from muslims was positive. >> monica: in the muslim faith there is a command to wage jihad. this is what they do. the palestinians have been doing it for years, indoctrinating their kids. >> greg: you have to have faith in kids. they don't like to be preached to. they don't like us. >> eric: i to go and take a break. stay with "the five." we have more to get through in a couple of minutes.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: we finally got something, man. >> bob: that rocks. great! welcome back to "the five." by the way. by the way, the producer said i swore in the last session. it didn't. i sort of did, but i apologized. >> greg: it sounded like a sneeze. >> bob: it was a sneeze. metropolitan made me hotter. >> bob: talk about getting hot. by the way, i liked that. i haven't had somebody say that to me in 15 years. it had a little experience, this is a topic i like to talk about. this is about people filming the police when they stop them. and i did that. once. to the park police in washington, d.c. this gentleman was upset it
5:26 pm
with. he reached in the car and tried to block the camera. now, the police department in this country for the most part stop and film people when they stop in their cars, right? they can get away with doing it. what is wrong with us filming them? are they worried they'll look ugly? i tell you what they are worried about, not having to follow the rules. some of them don't do. >> greg: i don't think it should be against the law to film them but you're a jerk when you film a cop. i tell you why. you only see the bad things cops do. no one puts on youtube a cop doing a good thing. like a cop 24/7, cops do great work. if one guy does one bad thing, 20 million people see it on youtube. it's just not fair. >> andrea: i agree. people should have the right to do it as long as it's not obstruction of justice. but why would you do it? bob, why did you film the cops? they weren't doing anything wrong. you said every time you get pulled over which says about bob "every time."
5:27 pm
>> greg: what were you doing at the park, bob? that's what i want to know. >> bob: i was meeting a dealer. that is beside the point. i'm only kidding. i to be careful here. its up that. i am just that way. but listen, what is, you know, if you are for example and don't jump on me here. if you are in the black community and you get stopped by a cop at night, the chances are that they can be pretty rough. now, granted, the cops are -- wait, wait. they're in a tough neighborhood. it understand that. fair to say sometimes the police overreact in a situation. is it something wrong with having the film of that? >> greg: i think when a cop, say a cop trying to break up a fight. you will have guys coming around at camera phone and shouting the world is watching. they're interfering, the cop starts thinking about if what i do is going to end up on youtube, i to us use -- i have
5:28 pm
to use force. but he won't do it because he's scared. >> monica: that disrupts the carrying out of their duties because suddenly they're now doing a mental calculation of how many cell phones out there? now off thug on the run because he has to stop and think. what did you think the cop was doing? helping a little old lady across the sidewalk? did you expect him to do something bad? why would you -- >> bob: i bet you every one of you guys on the bumper sticker have we support our local police. let's change the subject. >> andrea: what is wrong with that? >> bob: nothing. it's fine. >> andrea: in new york city, the cops are the finest. it hug them and high-five them every time i see them. i don't know why you have an angry attitude. >> bob: i been arrested a few times. >> andrea: because you probably were doing something wrong. >> bob: listen. move on to another subject. please. this is a similar -- well, not a similar, but in florida, the government is selling perm
5:29 pm
information about people that they get from the driver's license and the rest of it to lexus nexus. does anybody else think it's outrage and violation of the liberties? >> eric: it's terrible. they make the money in florida and sell it to other vendors. so they can revend them which is a very, very scary concept. anyone can buy these things but only if the vendor checks a box that says don't worry i won't do anything bad. >> bob: don't they sell stuff? >> eric: they make a living off of them. they resell them. >> greg: it's against the law to sell it to the public but if you are a private investigator or research service you can buy these. this is the greatest. >> is al-qaeda a resell service? >> greg: i think so. great to be a stalker in florida. how easy is it is. if you get a girl in a car, and see the license plate number and run it. >> bob: there are a lot of people that sell stuff. >> monica: that is it. they are mining this data for
5:30 pm
demographic trends to sell you stuff. here is a bigger question. florida is doing. this i wonder how many other states are doing it? the states are broke. they can't print money. they have to balance the budget. >> andrea: but in their defense it's tough to get a lexus nexus account. it's not easy. >> bob: they turned me down three times for it. now, just in a similar -- no, no, no. i thought they were being -- never mind. i'm going to get in trouble again so i'll be careful. massachusetts, massachusetts. you talk about big brother situation. they have the license plates now that cops can scan as you drive along and they can tell you where you are. now, i don't know about you, greg, but there are times when i've been in places that frankly i don't want people to know where i am. particularly the cops! >> greg: i won't dispute that claim, bob. no wonder you're worried. i don't have a problem with this. this is about collecting parking tickets. i'm a libertarian, you know,
5:31 pm
leave me alone. that's my motto. but if you are not doing anything wrong, why worry about it. >> monica: i am totally opposed to this. i think this is a revenue driver for a point you raised that the states are broke, they are looking for every possible way to raise revenue. >> bob: you think that is what it's about? >> eric: it's about control. that's what the liberals love. they want more control. >> bob: i'm having a nice conversation. >> eric: soon it will be hey, you know -- you had a chip in the back of your shoulder. >> andrea: they give up information going through e-mail and google. they know more about you. beware when you sign the terms and agreements. >> bob: we almost got through an entire segment on "the five" without eric attacking liberals but he had to bring it in, in the end. stay with us on "the five." we'll be right back. @=h
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i'm bret baier in washington. we're just 12 days until the debt ceiling deadline and president obama is meeting right now with house and senate democrats at the white house. this after a day of rumors that house speaker boehner and the president were close to a deal at $3 trillion in cuts and a promise of broad tax reform next year. the white house and the speaker's office shot those reports down. tonight on "special report," wendell goler examines the
5:36 pm
options on the table on the fast-moving story. new fox poll shows former massachusetts governor mitt romney maintaining his lead with the primary voters but there is significant move in the the pack. texas governor rick perry who has yet to announce and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann both made significant headway. it's been a year since the dodd-frank wall street reform and consumer protection act passed. peter barnes looks at the impact of the legislation so far. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern in washington. now back to new york. and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." so, in england, environmentalists are using the arrival of david and victoria beckham's newest and fourth child as an opportunity to rail against overpopulation. is that a hat? simon ross from the optimum population trust says having three or four kids is "being
5:37 pm
selfish." he says there is no point in reducing the carbon footprint when you have another pair of feet running around. that is the math of modern environmentalism, add a person, kill a tree. mentally that reveals fundamental hatred of humanity. plus, the nut picks a safe target, rich soccer player and former member of the spice girls. environmentalists would never say it about muslim family in that sense, like animal rights no one throws paint on rappers for wearing spurs. i don't want the beckhams to reproduce either, they're too damn good looking and i hate soccer but i'd rather have them pump out kids from scholls like ross too. bad we can't control the spread of creeps like him. if the environmentalists feel strongly about overpopulation shouldn't they volunteer to be sterilized? >> monica: that is a great point. i will start a website and have the environmentalists of the world pledge not to have children and go under the knife for vasectomy and god
5:38 pm
knows what else. this is so insane. it's nobody's freaking -- did you noticed how i cleaned you up, bob, nobody's freaking business how many chirp you want to have. the beckhams are wealthy. they're not on the public dole to support the kids. posh spice is not the octomom and they don't live in china with a one child policy. they can have as many kids as they want. >> andrea: good news, through obamacare you can get sterilization, which bob is in favor of. are the environmentalists crazy or stupid, too? the beckhams live in the united states. they don't even live in england anymore. >> bob: did you say the spice girls were your beatles? man, that is sick. let me go off of this. talk about pollution. my friends here, there are three of them here, to bring out the ridiculous things to do this. now they do it without looking. amazing. you don't have one, i don't have one. they're doing this. >> bob, you have -- >> bob: this is amazing. okay. >> greg: it's called a blackberry. >> bob: is that what it is? okay, look.
5:39 pm
i'm not saying i'll come down on other side of it in the united states we're producing more children in china because china has a policy, right? and europe. it's going to save us economically in the long run. we'll have more workers and they i'll have more old people. right? i'm going to be old and need workers to take care of this. you need them now, bob. >> i them. >> bob: more children the better. if you have land to put them in. >> eric: we live in a free society and everyone should be allowed to have as many kids with the exception of bill maher, kardashian, and casey anthony and paris hilton, too. >> my buddy. bronc grover norquist. >> that's it? only two beckels running around? >> bob: i think so. >> greg: never mind, bob. i want to move on and talk about this idea called the u.n. green helmets, metaphor for environmentalists, more environmentalists. u.n. security council is considering climate change, peacekeeping.
5:40 pm
they're having a meeting to discuss whether they should intervene in conflicts, due to rising sea levels. they believe the small island states will disappear due to climate change there are people saying that climate change is worse than terrorism. is that amazing? >> eric: they're the mickey mouse club for liberals so they feel better about themselves. at our taxpayer dime. neither works. >> bob: let's let you have fun and i'll say something serious. go ahead. >> greg: how could it be a good idea? >> bob: because there there are countries where environmental hazards are taking place and fights between people in the countrys over scarce resources. they're going to need somebody to separate them out. in certain places they fight over resources.
5:41 pm
>> eric: so we should share ours with them? >> bob: no. it's the u.n. if you didn't notice it was the u.n., not you and your army national guard. >> i'm responding -- >> bob: there is nothing wrong with doing it. >> i'm still thinking about the fact you don't know if you have just two kids out there. you're not sure. that is troubling. >> bob: that is a pretty versatile thing. can i get back to this? >> greg: how can you build an entire u.n. initiative on a science that everybody is debating anyway. >> bob: nobody is debating. flat earth people are debating it. >> greg: do you believe small islands are disappearing? >> bob: i do. >> greg: show me one that disappeared. >> bob: if it disappeared i couldn't show it to you. >> greg: well done, my friend. you got me. >> monica: united nations on moss patrol is hysterical. wasn't president obama saying he'd render the united nations green helmet irrelevant? we're still waiting for that. >> bob: but then greg could find the iland.
5:42 pm
>> andrea: kudos for germans that stood up in the u.n. meeting that said this is ridiculous. they're right. germany has been therech they have done the green economy thing and it hasn't worked. wind and solar driven up the energy 7-point%. not worked. >> monica: man made climate is bogus. >> bob: are you kidding me? >> eric: warming and cooling. we're on the cooling trend now. >> bob: i got a guy i want you to read, his name is galileo. okay? christopher columbus fell off the earth. >> eric: 1955, you were around at that time. "newsweek" had cover article on impending ice age, cooling of the world. >> bob: they predicted right. then the tea party came along. >> greg: all right. on that note, move on. we want to hear what you have to say, yell at bob, of course. e-mail us. i yell at him, too. we'll be right back. 
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>> eric: ask for "silence of the lambs" man. >> monica: welcome back to "the five." glad to have you on board today. brand new poll by rasmussen, 53% of americans support regular and automatic drug testing for welfare recipients. another rasmussen question. how should welfare applicants be tested? 53% say regularly. and finally, should welfare benefits be taken away from those using illegal drugs? 70% of us say absolutely! so, greg gutfeld, here is the deal. if they are on the dole, if they are taking public money, the public has a right to know how the money is being used and if they're using on the public money. >> greg: if you are on the government arm, we get to know what is going? your arm. like that? you know it's funny. this is an interesting thing. it forces you the make a decision. if you want welfare, that means you have to get off the drugs. if you want the drugs, you've got to get off the welfare. so you are sitting at home
5:48 pm
going which one do i do? which one do i do? for bob, it has to be a deadly -- >> bob: sorry, checking on my blackberry. >> greg: that is not a -- >> bob: hey, look. this is ridiculous. how do you make your fingers work on this? on a serious note. did i say it again? >> eric: no, you didn't. >> bob: look, the idea you would test people whether they're on welfare or not fordrugs, when i was in that world, there were a lot of people who were for example members of congress. who i happen to have witnessed on occasion doing a little -- now, should they be tested? >> eric: absolutely! we're paying them. >> bob: i want to see what is in the blood of the tea party people. the idea you would pick out a slice of society, the most unbelievable, i can't believe we are bringing this up as a topic. this is ridiculous. >> eric: can we just point
5:49 pm
out -- >> andrea: why should taxpayer money go to drug addicts? >> bob: why not? >> eric: they walk in and they get their unemployment check. they walk out and then they go cash it and buy drugs. maybe there is a little kid or a baby there who is starving. that is the problem. >> bob: and they get money from the united states and rip the rest of us off. >> eric: welfare recipients on welfare. >> bob: how about corporate welfare? >> monica: by the way, i don't know how many of you guys work for private sector company that makes you go to you are ryan test because they screen for drugs and won't hire you if you test positive. let's move on to the census bureau. put out a report, what qualifies as poor in this country? it's stunning. you're poor if you have cable television, more than one tv in your apartment or your home, dvd players and play stations in addition to a refrigerator or two, microwave oven and so on.
5:50 pm
what does it tell us about being poor in the united states? >> andrea: it sounds good to me. i'm trying to make it in manhattan. i have a microwave and a tv. the poverty level under president obama gone up and hit all-time high. what does it say about the president? that is one thing he pledged to fix. it's a distorted view of poverty. >> bob: say all poor people sit outside in hot weather and underbeneath blankets. an degree qua, i feel for you to make -- andrea, i feel for you to make it in manhattan. that's rough for you. this is pick on poor people day? they have tvs. what is the big deal? you want them not to have tv? >> greg: the point is -- >> bob: there is no point. >> greg: yes, there is. bob, bob, bob. the point is that the numbers have always been gined up for one reason to make our way to idea of redistribution, more poor people. punishment of everybody else. we have redefined the way poor
5:51 pm
people are. >> eric: you raise the bar so everything below the bar is impoverished and you redistribute it from the top to the bottom. if you raise it, more people on it. >> bob: you can redistribute some stuff at the same time as your tax dollars. how is that? >> eric: if you raise it too high, then they're under the bar. >> monica: quickly, we have to jet. isn't it true in the united states because we're such a wealthy country even the poorest among us are still way above the global average? >> eric: it's part of the census poll or whatever, the discussion right there, if you have a kid, gets an x-box, too. is that poor? >> bob: you're saying i want to take x-box from kids? what happened to humanity? where is your decency? where is your decency? >> eric: i want to know where the line of poverty is. >> monica: all right. we'll be right back.
5:52 pm
so this is enzo, the artiste behind my wardrobe.
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you know, when i got him on e-trade he was all like "oh no, i cannot do investing." that's actually a perfect enzo. but after a couple educational videos, and a little hand holding from customer support... next thing you know he's got a stunning portfolio. now he's planning to retire in tuscany. we're both pretty emotional about it. shhhh, don't say a word. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." all right, if off dog, you better watch out if you live in l.a. county. you better gate leash, too. if they chase people, your dog can be seized. yes, that is right. l.a. county saying now if the dog actually chases someone, they can be seized. not humans, so you have nothing to worry about. >> eric: while you're talking, bob is playing poker on his iphone. >> i'm not surprised. >> greg: that he can figure out. >> eric: one thing he can -- >> bob: i five bucks. >> greg: i'm going to miss you tomorrow. you're not going to be here. >> bob: now we'll get an audience. we have a big audience and it will double tomorrow. then i get fired from the producer from saying swear words. it want to clarify one thing, because i always get in trouble here. yesterday, i was not making fun of dogs. i love dogs. i've had dogs all my life. i can't stand cats. you notice about cats, i was drinking and hung over my wife's cat would sit in front of me and look at me like i
5:57 pm
know what you've been doing. >> greg: are you sure you weren't just seeing things? >> bob: that could have been. i love dogs. they're great. but on this thing, if dog is loose in the street they ought to pick them up. >> eric: that's what dogs do. >> bob: you have to pick a dog few they're chasing after kids. >> greg: have you seen stray dog? i haven't seen a stray dog in years. this is about junkyard dogs and guards like pit bulls guarding things. >> bob: that's because you have been in china for a long time. >> greg: i don't know what that means. >> eric: if you are after my dog freedom, be careful. i a browning and over and under you. >> monica: by the way, all cat lovers it's beckel what bothers me is it's subjective. who determines if the dog is having a bad day or pattern of violence here? >> andrea: l.a. county. who determines the next shuttle launch? we saw the final launch today. hats off to nasa for a job well done. time mission of atlantis was
5:58 pm
today. we watched the landing on "fox and friends" at 5:30. this is the last one. you know the shuttle launchs if they benefited millions of seniors the obama administration would keep it intact. >> bob: i couldn't agree with you more. the courage to get in one of these. it'd watch this, from a mile-and-a-half away with other seniors. and the ground shakes. literally, it shakes. the idea of sitting on top of all of that fuel is amazing courage. >> andrea: how do we keep up with chinese and russians now? >> monica: i know. this is our generation space program. the bigger question is whatever happened to the idea of big america? the economy, militarily, mighty and also space fairing. what happened to that? >> eric: don't go there, bob becket. >> bob: everybody wants -- >> eric: obama creating more unemployment. by the way, that was a great program. you said it perfectly. the u.s. does it great. >> bob: this was all obama's
5:59 pm
fault like everything else in your mind. they did away -- >> eric: are you blaming bush? >> bob: the decision on this was made before bush. they only last so long. >> andrea: for any politician, if this benefited the key constituencies they'd keep it in place. >> bob: they can't. they can't fly safely. they're not safe. that's why they made the decision. by the way, going for a straight. [ laughter ] >> greg: when i was a kid, everybody wanted to be an astronaut. now when you are a kid you want to be an actor who plays an astronaut. nicely done! >> score. >> greg: going for timing, bob. >> andrea: we're going to go now because bob has a big poker game to get to on the hand held device. that's it for us. thank you for watching "the five" today. see you tomorrow. i'm andrea tantaros joined by monica crowley, bob becket, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. thanks very much. we hope you tune in tomorrow when juan williams joins us for the fun and kimberly guilfoyle. >> bob: good luck, juan. >> bret: with 12 days left, the se

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